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Angel Montes de Oca is the founder and creator of the business concept/model of Martial Arts and Fitness Studios for Rent. Angel has been involved over 35 years in the practice of different Martial Arts.


Starting the age of 13, he made an athletic career in his native Cuba in the sports of Tae Kwon Do and Karate from the early '80s through mid-'90s. He holds a Black belt in three different systems: Juno Kage Ryu, Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, and Shinkansen Morita Ryu Ju Jutsu. He also has a Bachelor's degree in Sports Sciences from a Cuban University and an Associate Arts degree in massage therapy from the USA.


Angel Montes de Oca has a YouTube channel and Facebook page, where he posts tutorial videos to share his concepts and training methods. To follow him you can find him by his name or "FRAMA Studios Martial Arts" on Youtube and Facebook.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Angel has worked in the casino business for 19 years, owned a small business, and worked with several martial arts school owners, developing friendships with them, all the while learning and gathering information about how the martial arts studio business works.


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