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Striking / Conditioning

 Coach Angel Montes de Oca

A modern approach to martial arts training! A blend of several striking oriented martial arts and combat sports with an additional 30 minutes of sparring oriented conditioning session, for a total of one hour and a half class time.

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Chávez Thai Boxing

 Coach Ismael Chavez

A high energy training session with all the technical details of Thai Boxing, attack and  counterattack partner drills, conditioning stations and circuit training 


Zumba/Yoga Fusión 

 Luciana Smith

The vibe of this former brazilian dancer and model is just contagious! You will exercise and dance inspired by her smile and rhythm for more than 40 minutes, then a cool down finish with breathing, stretching and yoga elements will be perfect to charge the rest of your Sundays with positivity and a great mood.

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