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Fitness Related Activities and Martial Arts (FRAMA)Studios

for Rent

It is very common in the Arts field such as music, movies production, dance, and any other arts-related genre to have rehearsal studios for rent. You can find them all over and their price range drastically per hour, depending on the quality of their equipment and the amenities they offer. Some can even go as high as $40+ an hour.

“Fitness Related Activities and Martial Arts (FRAMA) Studios For Rent”,  is the first multi-discipline Martial arts & Combat Sports Studio for rent in the Las Vegas Area! We will work hard to beat the rental prices most martial school owners are paying to maintain their locations by offering a fully equipped martial arts, combat sports, and fitness training studio with hourly, daily and monthly rates available

​​Here is a fact about martial arts school business, that makes many instructors who dream of having their studio, to hesitate:


Owning your studio implies a lot of expenses and financial responsibilities every month, such as rent of a real estate location, CAM, Utilities, Business Licences, Equipment, Marketing, sometimes a Business Loan, etc. It all could add up to around $4,000 a month. (If you send us your mailing address when you register with us, we could send you a booklet with more detailed information and statistical calculations about owning your martial arts or fitness studio).

Benefits of using FRAMA studios location by hour VS. leasing a commercial real estate location for martial arts schools:


  • Instructors using FRAMA locations would pay only for the time of actual usage of the training facility, and business insurance, resulting in a considerably lower monthly operating expenses.


  • At FRAMA studios Instructors do not need to invest in equipment, which means less expenses to start a martial arts and/or fitness instructor business.


  • Renters of FRAMA Studios don't have to worry about paying utility bills, maintenance, repairs nor other expenses compared to those renting a commercial building.


  • These instructors will benefit from FRAMA marketing. We can offer you more affordable marketing and promotion options.


  • FRAMA would not compete against existing martial arts studios, but instead be a “stepping stone” for those who decide to walk the path toward having their martial arts, Yoga, fitness or dancing class/studio; a very affordable one while recruiting enough students to move on if you wish.


  • Many instructors would like to teach a class, but as a part-time only. Those who want to give classes and coach two or three times a week can benefit from this since they would be paying only for the hours they use the location, and will not be pressured by the responsibility of high rent, utilities, and other expenses for a whole month. Conducting your business at FRAMA gives you this option.


  • Our facility is available to anybody who wants to organize small tournaments, or seminars. Contact us to enquire about our prices.

Equipment and rooms For Yoga, Bootcamp, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing and similar big group classes and dance instructors


We have available modern training equipment such as Battle ropes, Med and Slam balls, "Bosu" balls, agility cones and ladders, shin up and dip bars, TRX suspension systems, etc. All for your usage and included in your rental fee



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