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Zumba/Yoga Fusión / "Zumbest Brasil

The vibe of this former Brazilian dancer and model is just contagious! You will exercise and dance inspired by her smile and rhythm for more than 40 minutes, then a cool down finish with breathing, stretching, and yoga elements will be perfect to charge the rest of your Sundays with positivity and a great mood. Embrace the joy of movement in our lively Zumba sessions, where every beat brings a new opportunity for fun and fitness. Our energizing routines are designed for all levels, ensuring you enjoy every moment while burning calories. Let loose, express yourself, and dance your way to a healthier, happier you. Join our Zumba party and make every Sunday a celebration of life, laughter, and wellbeing!


Every Sunday at 11:00am



953 ESahara, Suite A33

LV, NV 89104


Call:   702 408 4561

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