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The very first martial arts and combat sports training facility for rent by the hour, daily and/or monthly rates, in the Las Vegas Area!

The Business of Martial Arts Schools/Studios.

Martial arts schools and studios business has long been considered a low return on investment (ROI), and not a profitable type of business enterprise.


These type of activities have been around for a long time and will likely be around even longer since there is an increase in people who are involved in physical activities. This is due to people caring more about being active, to maintain and increase good health.


Traditionally, these physical activities are coached by people who treat this as their side job or hobby. Many of them have already retired, are well into their 50s and have another source of income in their life.


Most of these people are hard-working entrepreneurs who have put a lot of personal sacrifices and resources in this field. They are driven by their passion and love for the art of combat sports, and in many cases, do not find coaching a sustainable business.


Equipped Studios For 

Martial Arts and

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